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Art and Disability: Sheena and her Make a Day in Hume Programme

Contributed by Sheena Mathieson   Make a Day in Hume is a vibrant group of young adults with disabilities living in the City of Hume, plus carers and people who just love coming along to enjoy the ‘ride’. Sheena Mathieson facilitates this group– engaging participants in the creation of art but also organising fun events […]

My Aspirations About Living Independently Some Day

Contributed by Storm Robbins   In today’s blog, I will talk about my goal of living independently one day. The reason why I want to be independent is because I want to feel like I am able-bodied person instead of having to rely on others for help all the time. I worry about my future […]

Blood Sweat and Tears – The Unashamed and Inevitable Struggle

    Written by Evan Bichara Born in Egypt. Having also Greek ancestry. Still currently – speaking fluently both foreign languages. Evan Migrated with his family. Mum, Dad and his two wonderful sisters to a land…..what was then and is more of today a very Multicultural society. That society was to be Australia. Therefore – […]

More Insights to my Day: A Day in the Life of Michael

    Written by Michael Burrowes When I am just at home, I keep myself busy by doing everyday household little jobs. I try to be of much help as I can.  I help with doing the dishes after everyone finishes with dinner and cleaning up the kitchen. I take the rubbish out in the […]

My Experience and Challenges of Looking after my Toddler Nephew

Written by Storm Robbins Having a disability is tough enough, but then imagine trying to look after a toddler as well. In this blog Iwant to share with you some of the challenges that my mum and I have to  contend with when looking after a my nephew toddler.  Time Management. The first issue is […]

Living Independently: What My Daily Life is Like

  Written by Michael Burrowes My story begins about 3 years ago this December, I have moved into assisted supportive housing in Box Hill North. I share a house with 3 girls and 2 boys. As years went by I have started to develop my “independence living skills” such as making my bed, doing my […]

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