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Written by Michael Burrowes

My story begins about 3 years ago this December, I have moved into assisted supportive housing in Box Hill North. I share a house with 3 girls and 2 boys. As years went by I have started to develop my “independence living skills” such as making my bed, doing my own clothes washing, helping the staff by assisting them in the kitchen to prepare dinner, update the roster to see who among the staff is on shift, and also washing up the dishes. I am also usually very good with time getting myself ready to go to EDAR on weekdays. I do have an electric scooter to help with my travel training in the community. In the past I have been given private lessons from my OT and staff to enable me to travel around on my own. Just recently I am able to travel to Kerrimuir Shops independently.

When out and about, I access the ATM machine to withdraw money out for my taxi for the week. From Monday to Friday I do attend a Yooralla Day Service (EDAR) where we are provided with a weekly program of activities like going out, accessing local services in the community, travel by train and bus, a cooking program and learning/studying at Yooralla College. At the time I was studying a Certificate I in Adult Education, and a Certificate II in Transition Education. I have been busy but it was fun!

Speaker - Michael Burrowes

I am currently a volunteer with Yooralla now. At the moment I help by supporting teachers in the classroom by assisting the students with their learning needs. The course name is “Literacy and Numeracy.”

I am also a volunteer-member of Speakers Bank, where I get to interact with different people who listen to my story. I also love public speaking very much.


[In photo: Michael busy writing his blog at his assisted supportive housing in Box Hill, Victoria.]

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