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Contributed by Nathan Slachter


In a world where we now seem to judge each other harsher than ever, I seek to show people that judgement (especially against those with a disability) isn’t necessary.

In my early years I can remember it being very hard to fit in and make friends.

Growing up wasn’t easy especially when the people around me were well and truly beyond over protective.

I remember my first sleep over was when was in year 5. I never stayed at other friends’ houses though and when I finally did I had to give at least one week’s notice to stay at someone’s house (mind you, this was when I was already 18!)

There have been a lot of sad moments, moments that made me laugh, cry or just want to get really mad. But through it all my faith in Jesus has kept me going.

I currently attend Planet Shakers City Church where the support is second to none and while I’ve had even some of my best friends abandoning me — even after promising they won’t — I can honestly say that Jesus my Lord and saviour has been there through it all.

My story is not for the faint of heart or those with a weak heart, but for those that are prepared to rise above their situation and circumstances. I learned that it helps if you have a good sense of humour as I do. People say these are my coping mechanisms. To me they are my defence and my ways of rising above the challenges that I face due to people’s perceptions of who I am. I do not regret having made certain decisions in my life, I am also human after all.

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