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Written by Michael Burrowes

When I am just at home, I keep myself busy by doing everyday household little jobs. I try to be of much help as I can.  I help with doing the dishes after everyone finishes with dinner and cleaning up the kitchen. I take the rubbish out in the car space where the bins are normally  kept.

On other times,  I usually like to plan my weeks ahead on my I-phone and then I put important dates in my calendar. I plan some weekend activities I would like to do with my best friend who lives in another Yooralla house in Wantirna. Sometimes we do fun stuff together like go out to the city. Recently we went to see the David Bowie exhibition and we had a good walk around the Queen Victoria Market. I was also able to see the Royal Melbourne Show with my best friend. On occasion I get visits from  Speakers Bank to catch up on activities (see photo). I also spend some of my weekends with my family and we go out and have fun.Michael enjoys being busy.[in photo: Michael was recently visited by Speakers Bank Project Officer Mimi Laurilla and another speaker Storm Robbins to exchange ideas about topics for the digital media project that they can share to readers]



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