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My Aspirations About Living Independently Some Day

Contributed by Storm Robbins   In today’s blog, I will talk about my goal of living independently one day. The reason why I want to be independent is because I want to feel like I am able-bodied person instead of having to rely on others for help all the time. I worry about my future […]

Sharing my Learning About Job Interviews to Other Job Interviewees Out there

Contributed by Storm Robbins In today’s blog I will be talking about my experience at the wear for success office where I had to do a workshop on improving my chances at a job interview. The main thing I have learnt in that workshop was to “sell your good points” but also make sure “your […]

My Experience and Challenges of Looking after my Toddler Nephew

Written by Storm Robbins Having a disability is tough enough, but then imagine trying to look after a toddler as well. In this blog Iwant to share with you some of the challenges that my mum and I have to  contend with when looking after a my nephew toddler.  Time Management. The first issue is […]

Speakers Bank supports Victoria Police Vision Program

    Written by Mimi Laurilla [with information from Victoria Police] Speakers Bank supports the VISION program by speaking at some of the learning sessions hoping to inspire young persons to make them realise that they can offer more to the community and their families. ‘VISION’ is a Victoria Police initiative designed to support boys […]

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