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Contributed by Storm Robbins

In today’s blog I will be talking about my experience at the wear for success office where I had to do a workshop on improving my chances at a job interview. The main thing I have learnt in that workshop was to “sell your good points” but also make sure “your values and skills fit within the job description”. For example you can display good leadership qualities. It’s all good in saying that but now you have to prove it in a job interview.  How do you do that? Well you use a system in a job interview called STAR.  STAR stands for situation-task-action –result. So in a situation where you showed leadership, you need to provide evidence on the task you had to perform with your leadership, the action you took with your leadership, and the results from your leadership

There are a few main things people who interview you for the job will look out for. And for me, I learned the following:

Do your values and qualities fit the company standards? Applicants need to show them that they do match by using your good points. As an example one of the most important qualities I see in a person is honesty and then possibly relate that back to the company’s values or what it stands for.

Value so they match.   It is important that you can demonstrate that you show interest in the company and that you are keen to work for them. Make them feel like you want to be a part of the team and show passion for the company.  The reason why people don’t succeed in a job interview is because people fear showing what they are passionate about.

On the other hand, when people want to feel included, they try to talk about stuff that are not really required in a job interview to make them feel comfortable. That however might cost you in the job interview because interviewers just want you to get to the point of what they want to hear and move on to the next person up for interview.

People who are not competent enough for the job. People in job interviews place a very high importance on higher education awards such as a diploma or masters degree so make sure you do have those higher education awards first if that  what the job description asks for .

Everyone wants to be liked and loved in a job interview however don’t try and sound too likable or try to hard to get people to like you. Just be yourself have a good positive attitude and have confidence in yourself most people hire people those that have good attitudes first rather then the person with the most qualifications

Finally read the job description — ask yourself what does the job require?  Do my qualifications fit the job description?  Do I see myself in the job? What are the most appealing aspects of the job that I like?  Does the job suit my values and qualities as a person? Also look for key words e.g. hard working, good communicator, good listener, etc. in the job ad to get a better understanding of what the  employer is looking for in a person to get that job.

I myself as a job seeker obviously need to remember all these tips too, so I can be very confident and prepared when I face a potential job interview.

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