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Speakers Bank are delighted and proud to be a part of this year’s annecto Annual General Meeting (AGM) by presenting our achievements during the Showcase segment of the program. Two of our speakers, Ayman Barbaresco and Kathryn Tomkins hosted the entire Showcase segment and did a wonderful job. Everyone was so impressed including our CEO […]

annecto – Speakers Bank Op Shop

annecto – Speakers Bank have started their very own op shop! The op shop is run by volunteer students doing placement at annecto. The op shop was started as a partnership with annecto and is our fundraiser to help support the work we do with people with personal experience of ageing and those with disabilities. […]

Speakers Bank Seniors Edition Podcast Launched

The Speakers Bank Podcast: Seniors Edition was launched with a simple program held at the Werribee office on the 11th of July. Dianne Ioannou presented her story live in front of a group of annecto clients receiving MyAgedCare support. Dianne’s speech was followed by an interactive activity or memory game and shared lunch. This activity […]

Speakers Bank – Australian Red Cross Lunch and Learn Project

Speakers Bank teamed up with Australian Red Cross (ARC) to deliver Lunch and Learn sessions to staff and volunteers of the Red Cross. If focuses on specific topics such as accessibility, employment, mental health and carers delivered by different speakers. This project was the initiative of the Diversity and Inclusion team of ARC. This is […]

Community Pop Up Op Shop Launched

In an effort to raise funds for the program, Speakers Bank opened the doors to its Community Pop Up Op Shop on the 27th of July at the Werribee office. Students of JTI are assisting in running the operations of the pop up shop. Werribee Officeworks donated our banner. We thank all our donors and […]

Work Placement Students Ramp Up Speakers Bank Workforce

Speakers Bank opens its doors to work placement students from Victoria University, Federation University and JTI (Job Training Institute) to assist in the implementation of various projects such as the Community Pop Up Op Shop, podcast episodes, storytelling workshops, grant writing and networking with different community groups.

Living with a Disability Podcast Series

We have filmed stories of some of our speakers being interviewed by the students on what their lived experiences of disability are like. This is not just a learning moment for them but also a means to learn how to communicate through digital means. Other podcast topics talk about disability related issues.

Farewell, Rita : Hot Topics Show in CASEY FM 97.7 continue

This year Hot Topics With Rita radio show host and former CASEY Senior Citizen of the Year Rita Hartney passed leaving a lot of friends and family behind – us included, at Speakers Bank. Rita is an avid supporter and fan of Speakers Bank – she supported our advocacy work by giving us a monthly […]

Speakers Bank Works with DEAKIN University’s Freelancing Hub

The initial ideas surrounding what the Speakers Bank Social Enterprise program would look like started as two projects of DEAKIN University’s Freelancing Hub in 2018. Freelancing Hub is coordinated by Dr. Jamie Mustard, assisted by Sharon Berman. Students developed ideas and strategic plans around developing additional services and programs for Speakers Bank and how to […]

Speakers Bank Participates in Case Managers Conference, Melbourne City

Loretta Martin represented Speakers Bank as a member of a panel forum at the 2018 Community Care Case Managers Conference held at Jasper Hotel in Melbourne CBD. This conference is important for a wide range of Home Care Programs and the roll out of the NDIS. Loretta spoke from the point of view of a […]

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