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Speakers Bank are delighted and proud to be a part of this year’s annecto Annual General Meeting (AGM) by presenting our achievements during the Showcase segment of the program. Two of our speakers, Ayman Barbaresco and Kathryn Tomkins hosted the entire Showcase segment and did a wonderful job. Everyone was so impressed including our CEO Estelle Fyffe. It was a lovely day for annecto staff, board members, executive management team, guests, annecto Inc members and our elders from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities who have come together to celebrate annecto’s successes and accomplishments. Members of Speakers Bank attended and enjoyed the day as well. We would like to thank Wear For Success (WFS) for providing outstanding outfits to Ayman and Kathryn and our students from Victoria University, Federation University and JTI for assisting our guests during the day.










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