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Adua Gets a Make-Over at Wear For Success

Adua Merola Rosso is so happy with her recent experience at Wear for Success. Here’s what she has to say:     I am vision-impaired and, as I was aiming to participate in a Public Speaking program, I was advised to visit W.F.S. to find some appropriate clothing. The friendly staff, especially Sarah and Kerry, […]

Empowering Women and Rita Hartney: Ties with Speakers Bank

Speakers Bank is privileged to be a part of “Empowering Women.” This is a group of women who are residents of Casey that meet monthly to discuss local and international issues, anything of interest to them. The purpose is to provide opportunities for women members of the community to “have a say”, provide opportunities to […]

Speakers Bank supports Victoria Police Vision Program

    Written by Mimi Laurilla [with information from Victoria Police] Speakers Bank supports the VISION program by speaking at some of the learning sessions hoping to inspire young persons to make them realise that they can offer more to the community and their families. ‘VISION’ is a Victoria Police initiative designed to support boys […]

Speakers Bank and Wear for Success Team Up via Clothing Project

Mimi Laurilla The project has finally taken off the ground! Speakers Bank is happy to have found a partner in Wear for Success (WFS) providing quality clothing to member-volunteers of Speakers Bank. A Memorandum of Agreement was confirmed in 2014 and only commenced recently. This is a special arrangement provided by WFS to Speakers Bank […]

Storm Robbins presents to Victoria Police

  Written by Mimi Laurilla Storm Robbins recently presented to Victoria Police through Speakers Bank. Storm spoke of his experience living with a disability and offered insights into how sometimes our perception of people with disability can limit what’s possible. There are plans to invite other speakers as well to share their own insights into […]

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