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Speakers Bank and Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA) embarked on a project to co-publish stories from women who experienced living with a disability.

The project involved interviewing six women (five of them being speakers from Speakers Bank) about their experience and the struggles they faced and overcame. They each picked a topic among the different WWDA website’s themes, including leadership and community involvement, life choices, sexual and reproductive health and rights, safety and violence and many more. The participants could contribute through an essay, a video, a poem, or anything that they felt expressed their stories best.

“Voices of Strength: Women Speak” showcases six powerful stories of women. We hope these stories will inspire people and raise awareness around women’s rights and what they do to show strength, courage and resilience during challenging times. These videos will be cross-promoted by Speakers Bank and WWDA through their websites and other social media channels.

The interviews were conducted with the assistance of Camille Carcedo and Oya Yalniz, two of Speakers Bank’s work placement students from Victoria University.

Below is the schedule and links to all the premieres of the stories on Speakers Bank’s YouTube channel.


Release dates Episodes
4th November Julie Kent  https://youtu.be/g4k7m229rOM
11th  November Narelle Fraser https://youtu.be/EOa1ZtfXLig
18th November Maria Umer  https://youtu.be/sovymD8N3ak
25th November Mary Anne Cosic  https://youtu.be/9ruyBO1bDy8
2nd December Kerryn Burgoyne https://youtu.be/H0yc0Zn6KJ0
9th December Riki Domagalski https://youtu.be/sOJ6r5_5CuU
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