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Every year Speakers Bank attend and present at the VALID Conference, one of the biggest conferences in Victoria for people living with a disability, including bringing together service providers and organisations that support people living with a disability. The VALID 2021 conference that was supposed to be held in June 2021 at the DEAKIN University Waterfront Campus was cancelled due to COVID-19 and so we thought of recording instead; so we can share with you our thoughts around this year’s theme “All about Best Friends”. Our Speakers have made short videos to be able to share some of their thoughts, contributions they would have otherwise articulated during the said conference. Here are the video highlights:

  1. Kathryn Tomkins https://youtu.be/0X9rw3XeWEU
  2. Kerryn Burgoyne https://youtu.be/rxdfKZS5kAw
  3. Julie Kent https://youtu.be/49InlbxypIk
  4. Mary Ann Cosic https://youtu.be/QCRjUfIk54Y
  5. Mathew Townsend https://youtu.be/mvAUQZuBgAk
  6. Storm Robbins https://youtu.be/3eLiDuJNHuc

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