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A number of new speakers joined this year. Their stories are featured in our website  (www.speakersbank.org.au).  Please welcome Peter Waters, Lita Vickers and Dianne Ioannou.

We sent Peter to CASEY FM 97.7 Community Radio for his first gig. He had a great interview with Rita Hartney (in Photo). Rita was so impressed with Peter’s honesty and commitment to his advocacy




Lita’s debut gig was also at CASEY FM 97.7. She enjoyed the two hours chatting away with Kevin and Rita. Lita’s topic focuses on workplace discrimination and bullying and how a person with an ABI overcomes challenges at work and in her personal life.

Dianne Ioannou calls herself a “pocket rocket.” A lady that never rests! She is busy with so many community commitments, committee and volunteer work; she willingly added public speaking into the mix! We also had Dianne come into one of Rita Hartney’s shows to discuss that ageing is not a barrier into achieving a lot in life.

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