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Speakers Bank organised an NDIS Workshop for its speakers recently to keep its members up- to – date with activities and preparations for the NDIS roll out. This was an opportunity for members to get a deeper understanding of the NDIS so they may answer more confidently if asked at an event they are speaking. Speakers were also informed of how this might impact on their personal circumstances.

David Moody, National Disability Services (NDS) State Manager for Victoria, provided a high-level overview of the federal and state initiatives and plans for NDIS and clarified some issues and concerns during a question and answer session. Evan Bichara, one of the member-speakers and a mental health advocate, delivered a talk around his learnings gathered from a bigger NDIS information session he attended on behalf of Speakers Bank. Michele Semmens, NDIS Project Coordinator for annecto, provided information on how annecto can support speakers to prepare for their own NDIS meetings with their planners.

The workshop was a mini-planning day for Speakers Bank, and a mid-winter gathering to welcome the newly recruited speakers.

Daniel Giles spoke at a the NDIS Workshop, view our short catch up video with Daniel here.
To book a speaker, call us on (03) 9314 – 0988.


Here are some of the snaps we took on the day:

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