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Are you an older person with a story to tell?

Speakers Bank is organising a story telling group for seniors.


This is an opportunity for older people to participate in a fun activity that will

develop their public speaking skills

allow them to share their stories

express their ideas

allow them to voice out their opinions on issues


If you’d like to talk, we can help you!


We are starting soon! Register your interest by contacting


                  E mimi.laurilla@annecto.org.au or ring (03) 9314-0988

Speakers Bank are engaging older people through free story telling workshops delivered this year to anyone who may be in any of the situations below:

  1. an older person who would like to join a storytelling group,
  2. people who would like to organise a storytelling group in their area
  3. an existing seniors group that could benefit from a storytelling activity

Story telling is a means of connecting and interacting with other people, and gives opportunity for information sharing, activation of the memory, and of engaging with others. Speakers Bank hopes to find individuals that are going to join its pool of speakers to talk about ageing. However, the workshops are designed to generate interest for a potential volunteering opportunity, and to get seniors to be involved in a fun activity. We value the ideas and experiences of older people and we want to capture it somehow through audio/visual recording of their stories, or through face-to-face interactions.

A planned culmination of the story telling workshops would be participation in the upcoming Seniors Festival in October 2017.

All interested individuals or groups who would like to take part in the story telling workshops are encouraged to contact Speakers Bank at (03) 9314-0988 or send an email to speakersbank@annecto.org.au and our team will be in touch to discuss the details.



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