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Ten members of Speakers Bank received their statement of attainments (SOA) certificates on December 14, 2016 following a 2-day training at RMIT and a mini-conference applying all learning from the 2-day training.

The event was attended by the following:

From RMIT –

Victoria Carullo – Deputy Head VE School of Education, who delivered the welcome message

Professor Andrea Chester – Interim Head of School & DPVC – L & T, who presented the certificates.

From Annecto –

Estelle Fyffe – CEO of annecto Inc, who delivered an inspirational message

Lando Antonelli – General Manager, Operations of annecto Inc North and Western region

Joan Cooney – WMR Manager for annecto, who provided an overview of the Speakers Bank Training.

 The event was followed by a celebratory lunch at Annecto Yarraville.


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