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This year was another opportunity to hold a story-telling workshop for Wyndham Seniors Festival, intended for the over 55s held at the Wyndham Civic Centre on 07 October 2016. However, story telling is for both young and old, so we also had to deliver a workshop specifically for mums with children who have special needs at Diggers Rest in cooperation with our contact from the Melton City Council (05 October 2016). We are hoping that some of these mums would be encouraged to share their stories to other mothers and hopefully join Speakers Bank. Due to confidentiality reasons, we were unable to take photos of the talk at Diggers Rest.

Here are some of the photos of our story telling workshop (where speaker Loretta Martin was the presenter) at Wyndham:

Loretta Martin provided a demo speech for the participants to gain a better understanding on how to craft their stories well.
As it was learned on the day, an outline and a guide are useful to help focus on the message.
Loretta says story telling needs to come from the heart.
As a thank you gift, we handed a copy of Rita Hartney’s book to the participants with the assistance of Amanda Burns from the Wyndham City Council.
Margaret said she came into the workshop not knowing what will happen, but left very happy with the skills she learned and new friendships she formed.


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