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Speakers Bank with the assistance of annecto Marketing and Communications Team recently completed their location shooting/filming at St Kilda in Melbourne. It was a full-on day with the filming crew on a cold and slightly rainy day but everything went smoothly. Brent Alford, Storm Robbins, Kathryn Beaton, Daniel Giles and Michael Burrowes participated as speaker-representatives, while Rita Hartney (Casey FM 97.7), Dr Brendan Perry (Lecturer, MIT) and Leading Senior Constable and Youth Resource Officer Scott Sutton of Victoria Police were very generous with their time to speak about Speakers Bank as part of the client testimonials.

Here are some of the photos we snapped on the day of the filming.

Behind the scenes photos of Speakers Bank filming activity June 2016.
Behind the scenes photos of Speakers Bank filming activity June 2016.
Daniel is excited and ready for his turn.
Kathryn’s glammed up and ready to go!
Storm didn’t realise it takes a lot of prep before one can start shooting.
Filming crew getting Kathryn’s lighting right.
Kathryn is briefed by Jules Blundell.
All these equipment are required to ensure we get the best quality recording.
Set preparation.
Eve our makeup artist says that Michael’s hair is so soft!
But first let’s take a selfie!
Enjoying Rita’s company, having a cup of tea and some snacks as she wait for her turn to film. Make Lakatani and Grace Leota –thanks for looking after us.
Dr Brendan Perry confirms his details for the credits to be put at the end of the video. Anna Urquhart of Marketing and Comms assists.
Michael was brilliant and patient with the team during the take.
Constable Scott Sutton sharing anecdotes about how at-risk youths benefit from the talks given by Speakers Bank in their Vision Program.
Thank you Scott for supporting us!
Daniel happy to chat with us while he ate breakfast. Better to be on camera on a full stomach, as you need a lot of energy to go through the take…


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