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Hello my name is Effie and I am a volunteer speaker for Speakers Bank. I am also the Disability Ambassador for ADEC (Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities) . I started my paid role as a  Disability Ambassador two years ago in ADEC.  I go to disability  agencies mainly  to  talk about ADEC history  and how we develop  partnerships and how we work together.  ADEC has many services specific for carers and people with disability from different ethnic backgrounds.  

I  talk to local councils, disabilities agencies,  schools and hospitals most of the time. I also facilitate a Greek carers group. I had another role which is  Self-Advocate. I can’t believe that there is so much work to do to
help a lot of people but it gives me joy and great pride to be able to do so.

I was one of six people who set up ADEC many many years ago and that is why Keith Hitchen, the CEO of ADEC thought that I am the best person to  become the only ADEC disability Ambassador. As I undertake my role I enjoy meeting people and develop good relationships with them and give them the chance to benefit from ADEC services.

The challenge I face in my role is to promote myself to the other organizations and organize meeting time with them. However, I do believe that with persistence and resilience, hard work and determination, all these obstacles can be overcome to achieve my goals and the greater goals of ADEC.

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