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In this blog I would like to talk about my hobby which is doll collecting.

I have a massive collection of dolls  — about 1000 different dolls and each one has its own special story. One story that I can share is about one particular doll. It is about a 100 year-old doll that my mother-in-law left to me. From that one doll,  I then started to collect them ( I think sometime in 1958). I think I just naturally liked dolls all my life and I did not have enough when I was young.  The dolls became my source of joy.

I like all my dolls the same and enjoy all of them. Some of them are made in Australia and some are from overseas. For example I have dolls I got from Greece, Spain, France, Italy and England. I bought some of them and because my friends and family know that dolls give me pleasure, they give me some as gifts.

Unfortunately my children don’t like dolls so I think I will leave my collection to other people collect dolls when the right time comes.

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