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Tram stop upgrades

The following stops have been upgraded to level access stops:

The following stops will be upgraded to level access stops in the coming months:

Vehicle Passenger Information Systems on B Class trams

Vehicle Passenger Information Systems (VPIS) are being fitted to B Class trams.  VPIS provides automated audible and visual next stop information. 95 of 130 (73%) B Class trams have been fitted with VPIS, with the remainder of B Class trams to be fitted by the end of March.  As part of this projects, the headboards on the outside of B Class trams have also been updated to improve visibility.

tramTRACKER app

The latest version of the tramTRACKER app was released on 23 November 2015

New features including:


It’s the Discussion Paper, which basically outlines what the review is all about. It also contains some recommendations and some questions for you to think about.  The website link is  http://economicdevelopment.vic.gov.au/transport/rail-and-roads/taxis/multi-purpose-taxi-program-review/get-involved-in-consultation



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