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Contributed by Nathan Slachter


I currently work in breakfast radio show for Get Cereal at SYN 90.7 FM. I have also previously launched my own radio show called Nation Builders which is currently in hiatus. For more information please visit this site: https://www.facebook.com/nationbuildersradio/?fref=nf

I also work on the care line which is a national prayer support line.

I have also done some work experience with Joy 94.9 FM. This opportunity came about as a result of my being a member of Speakers Bank. Mimi Laurilla who is our Project Officer, learned about my interest to do some radio work, and she linked me up with members of annecto’s show “Absolutely Everybody”. It was a short experience but nevertheless, I had an opportunity to work behind the scenes. It is uncertain whether this show will continue, but because of this experience, it made me more confident to be involved at the SYN 90.7 breakfast show, which I eventually got through contacts who learned about my interest in broadcasting.

Working in radio has given me the ability to have a voice in the community and enabled me to use my humour to brighten another person’s day. I still have troubles with operating the broadcast console sometimes but I don’t let that stop me.

It feels amazing to be part of a team and to be on radio. My responsibilities in the station include planning content.

Some the lessons I’ve learnt so far at SYN are to be careful with what I say on air and to always respect what another person has to say on a subject even if I don’t agree. I feel optimistic that this will be an opportunity to do more work in the field of radio broadcasting.

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