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Speakers Bank is privileged to be a part of “Empowering Women.” This is a group of women who are residents of Casey that meet monthly to discuss local and international issues, anything of interest to them. The purpose is to provide opportunities for women members of the community to “have a say”, provide opportunities to get together, embark on projects, thereby “empowering them” and “giving them a voice.” The 2 groups that are actively meeting are the Hallam and Balla Balla networks. Empowering Women is facilitated by Rita Hartney.

Speakers Bank women speakers have attended some of the meetings of both the Balla Balla and Hallam groups since 2014. The purpose is to provide a safe, nurturing environment especially for the new speakers to kick-start their public speaking stint. The women offer feedback to stories, and good interactions to boost speakers’ self – confidence.

This is an on-going partnership to benefit each other equally as the women members of both groups also appreciate hearing different stories that our speakers provide at their meetings.

Rita is also considered a local celebrity in the area, and provide training on speaking, and other areas of leadership.

[photo taken from Rita Hartney’s website Click here/]

Written by Mimi Laurilla

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